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Academic Information
Education System
Horticulture - Regular Education
Education System
Bachelor of science, master of science, and doctor philosophy levels of education are given at the Department of Horticulture, Faculty of Agriculture, Adnan Menderes University. Fruit Growing and Breeding, Vegetable Growing and Breeding, Ornamental Plants Growing and Breeding, and Grapevine Growing and Breeding sections exist in the Department of Horticulture. Bachelor of science degree is completed after successfully complete mandatory and elective courses with 159 credits within at least eight semesters and a 45-day summer training period.
Terms of Exchange and Transition Programs
Transfers of vertical, horizontal, and within the university are governed by the law of "The Memorandum Related to the Principles about Transfer Between Vocational and Bachelor of Science levels, Double Major, Minor, and Credit Transfer Between Institutions" by the Turkish Higher Education Council. The foundation of application in this subject is organized by the law No. 27561 Government Newspaper published on April 24, 2010.
Qualification Awarded
Candidates of agricultural engineers who completed all necessity requirements are subjected to receive an "Agricultural Engineering - Horticulture area Bachelor of Science Diploma"
Specific Admission Requirements
Procedure for incoming students is explained in detail under the sub-heading of "Student Matriculation" under the section of "About Adnan Menderes University"
Specific Arrangements For Recognition Of Prior Learning
Programme accepts the graduates from high school or short cycle (vacational education) through a central exam by Student Selection and Placement Center. Transfer can be made among the institutions of which equivalency is recognized by Higher Education Council. Also successful vocational school graduates to continue their education to obtain Bachelor’s degrees if they are successful in the selection and the placement examination (DGS, i.e. vertical transfer examination) are admitted. The courses to be taken by these students are determined by the relevant department, on the basis of courses they have completed in the programs from which they have graduated. Recognition of prior non-formal and in-formal learning is at the beginning stage in Turkish Higher Education Institutions.
Profile of The Programme
The Department of Horticulture is educating candidate agricultural engineers in a four-year bachelor of science programme under open field and protected cultivation, breeding, and postharvest disciplines. There are mandatory basic courses belonging to agricultural sciences in the first two years of education. Topics, especially related to horticultural crops, are situated in the third and fourth years of education. Theoretical and practical, such as field and laboratory, works are included in the programme structure. However, besides these, some elective courses situated in semesters can allow to students to focus on different crops and topics which the students are interested in.
Occupational Profiles of Graduates With Examples
Agricultural Engineers serve in public and private sectors. Graduates who have received Agricultural Engineer title can work in public institutions providing with necessary exam scores. Besides, the graduates can have a chance to work in fertilization, pesticide, seed, seedling, nursery tree production, storage, export-import, packaging-marketing, and certification area of private sector. They have rights to perform as an agricultural consultant and food controller (bakery, patissieri, etc.).
Access to Further Studies
Candidate students who completed their bachelor of science degree can pursue graduate degree programmes related to their own area or related areas providing necessary ALES score and sufficient level of English.
Examination Regulations, Assessment and Grading
Validation and evaluation style for each course is described in detail "Course Education Plans"
Graduation Requirements
Graduation conditions is explained under "Proficiency Conditions and Rules" section.
Work Placement
There is a mandatory summer training for 45 days.
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