Information Package / Course Catalogue
Programme Outcomes
1.Ability to examine agricultural problems under the light of basic science, mathematics, and agriculture knowledge
2.Ability to plan and apply in different agricultural systems in horticultural crop plants
3.To constitute and realize breeding programmesaccording to market demands
4.Ability to propagate any kinds of stock materials in horticultural crop plants
5.Ability ot transfer of modern technologies to production
6.Ability to have a consciousness of quality in production, storage, and evaluation in horticultural crop plants (To measure, evaluate, and manage different quality parameters)
7.To think analytically of protecting, providing transfer to future, and having responsibility to environment of all plant materials belong to horticultural crop plants area
8.Ability to search, think analytically, reach to knowledge, and obtain solution for solving of agricultural problems (Project, homework, thesis, summer training)
9.Ability to be aware of agricultural problems, to follow them, and to communicate own ideas of these subjects by verbal and written ways (Turkish, social course)
10.To be able to perform in a teamwork
11.Ability to work independently, give decision, and Express own thoughts by occupational-ethic values verbal and written ways in horticultural crop plants
12.Ability to think creatively, innovatively, and analytically, to comprehend the need of lifelong learning, be a part of a related subjects in a web of communication, and to develop by social means
Adnan Menderes University - Information Package / Course Catalogue