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Academic Information
Education System
Zootechnics - Regular Education
Education System
It is explained in the Training-Education and Exam Directives of Adnan Menderes University.
Terms of Exchange and Transition Programs
According to acceptance of lateral/vertical transfers, the Training-Education and Exam Directives of Adnan Menderes University procedures: a) Lateral transfers are done for the provisions of related directions of Credit Transfer Principles in Interacademics and two-year degree programs’ and Graduate Programs’ Transfers, Double Major and Minor in Higher Educational Council published in Official Gazette on April 24, 2010 and No: 27561. The contingents determined for autumn semester by Faculty Administrative Committee should be informed to the presidency of the University at the latest in June and the contingent determined for the spring semester should be informed in the beginning of December. b) The lateral transfer can be done up to the 5th semester among the graduate programs of the faculty depending on the Marks and basic Marks.
Qualification Awarded
By completing all the requirements of the programs and having successful in the practical training the students gain diplomas in Agricultural Engineer- Animal Husbandry Professionals
Specific Admission Requirements
Students acceptance to the department is explained in the regulations of ‘Student Acceptance’ section of Adnan Menderes University
Specific Arrangements For Recognition Of Prior Learning
Student accepted to the department depending on a nation-wide exam done by Student Selection and Arrangement Center (ÖSYM), in addition depending on the legislation of Higher Educational Council of Turkey (YÖK) they have opportunity to make lateral and vertical transfer and minor. So, credit transfer and exemption related to previous education are possible. Furthermore, for Computer and Foreign Language (English and etc.) courses exemption exam is organized at the beginning of every semester. Student having expected qualification has right to take the exam. The students who pass the exam have exemption from these courses.
Profile of The Programme
Animal Science contains the reproduction, husbandry, raising, genetic improvement, nutrition and feed production of economically important animals. The aim of the Animal Science Department is to have principals to protect the public health, food safety, animal welfare and ethnics depending on the current regulations and giving importance to the production economics, in order to implement food production from farm to fork, educate Animal Husbandry Professionals and Agricultural Engineers who have enough knowledge and ability, be happy with their professional occupation and have modern qualification.
Occupational Profiles of Graduates With Examples
After succeeding the four years education, the students are awarded as Agricultural Engineer and Animal Husbandry Professional. Graduated student can work in the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock and affiliated organizations, agricultural research centers, Agricultural cooperatives, municipality and banks and in the company operating in Agricultural production, exportation and importation sectors, on the farms of large, small farm animals, poultry and beekeeping farms and the company supplying feed, equipment and production materials to them, in feed industry, animal production processing companies and in feed and animal products analysis laboratories, domestic and international feed additive companies, animal breeding associations and on stud farms and in animal organizations. In addition, the graduated Animal Husbandry Professionals can establish their own private farms and manage the production processes. The students who are willing to have academic career in universities in the country or overseas have right to do postgraduate Works (MSc and PhD) and have right to benefit from the academic positions.
Access to Further Studies
Graduated students, after getting enough score from ALES (a nation-wide exam for applying postgraduate study) and in the condition of having enough English language level, can do postgraduate study in their Professional areas or related areas.
Examination Regulations, Assessment and Grading
Exam evaluations are done according to the Education, Training and Exam Directives of Adnan Menderes University, Agricultural Faculty. Pass mark of a course is calculated by summing the 40% of mid-term exam and 60% of the final exam. However, the students should get mark over 50 of 100 from the final exam. Practical exam of the courses with practical Works are owner before the final exam. Students who are failed from the practical exam can take the second practical exam, if the student is not pass the practical exam cannot take final exam and should repeat the course in the next year. In addition, in order to take the final exam, they should go forward the theoretical and practical lectures.
Graduation Requirements
Graduation conditions are as explained in the section of sufficiency conditions and rules
Work Placement
It is explained in the directions of Agricultural Faculty Internship of Adnan Menderes University Education-Training Guides. Every students should do internship for 45 working days after the 6th semester.
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