Information Package / Course Catalogue
Programme Outcomes
1.Understanding social, cultural and public responsibilities, having ability of following the national and international modern problems and developments
2.In the direction of Atatürk’s principles and reforms, be bounded to Atatürk’s nationalism, understood national, ethical, spiritual and cultural values of Turkish nation, open to the international and modern developments, accepted the Turkish language as a rich, deep-rooted and productive language, having the reading habits and using and having ability of the foreign language in the occupational manner.
3.Recognising the computer hardware and software and operating system, having enough knowledge about internet usage and preparing documents, electronically table and presentation using Microsoft Office
4.Having enough theoretical and practical knowledge about mathematics, natural sciences and Agricultural Engineering, determining and solving the problems of Agricultural engineering.
5.Having an ability of integration, communication and training development with stakeholders (Food, Agriculture and Animal Ministry, Agricultural associations, cooperatives and private establishment in agriculture)
6.Having occupational and ethical responsibilities in the Agricultural engineering
7.Having skill to define the problems and solve it by using suitable methods and techniques in animal production
8.Having skill of choosing right techniques and equipments in animal production and having ability to use them, for this purpose, benefiting effectively from information technologies
9.Having ability to access the knowledge related to animal production, literature view, preparing projects, doing research, data collection, evaluation and presenting all of these as an oral or written in a systematically way
10.Taking active responsibilities as individual or in a team in study related to animal production
11.In every level in the animal production process, having effective oral or written communication with the person or establishments
12.Having ability to follow the current national or international problems, lifelong learning, following the developments in science and technology, self-perpetuation himself/herself and transferring the renewals to the animal production process
13.In the enclose of Agricultural Engineering, especially for the animal production understanding the legislation and practicing it
14.In Agricultural Engineering and in this context in animal production processes, developing awareness for public health, animal health and rights, environment and job security subjects, and developing awareness in entrepreneurship and inventiveness and producing solutions about the current problems
15.Having enough knowledge in animal husbandry, raising, genetic improvement, breeding, management and nutrition of farm animals and using these knowledge in the process of animal products production suitable for food safety and public health
Adnan Menderes University - Information Package / Course Catalogue