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General Information
Unit Managers
Assoc. Prof. Halim Emre ZEREN
Department Head
Lec. Ahmet Bora TARHAN
Vice Head of Department
Lec. Murat YILMAZ
Vice Head of Department
Public Administration means to determine public policies and practices in its functional sense. In addition, it structurally represents the organizational structure of the State. Public Administration is an activity, discipline and profession. Besides, it has an interdisciplinary nature covering many fields. This feature makes it easier to solve public problems. Public Administration is a complement of functions and activities such as creation, implementation, planning, organizing, directing and coord,nat,on of public policies. In this department, an education program to identify the main features and characteristic of Public Administration and the implementation of these theoretical knowledge will be provided.
Söke Faculty of Business the Department of Public Administration is a new, dynamic and open to change and develop department which has started education in 2014.
Söke Faculty of Business the Department of Public Administration is dedicated to preparing individuals for ethical, competent and effective public service in a range of roles in policy, management and leadership. We seek to improve practice by facilitating learning through community engagement, promoting scholarship, and encouraging reflection as we develop and work with leaders representing diverse communities across all domains of public service.
Söke Faculty of Business the Department of Public Administration's vision is to be an agent of change to develop and enhance public leadership through education and service. Söke Faculty of Business the Department of Public Administration will be uniquely placed to prepare current and emergent leaders in local, regional, national and global communities.
The main aim of our department is to prepare students for a career as civil servant and cover various sub-fields making it a quite interdisciplinary field of studies. This includes positions in government institutions and municipal administrative units, as well as nonprofit organizations such as social service agencies, consulting firms and private institutions which are engaged in public affairs and public policy. We intend to help our students to develop the ability to understand, question, criticize and analyze politics and bureaucratic structures from a multitude of perspectives. The Department of Public Administration is proud to provide students with the training they will need to become public leaders in the future.
Physical Infrastructure
Soke Faculty of Business gives service in its main building 54 km. from Aydın Efeler (City Center) with 1 Conference Room, 25 classrooms, 2 computer labs constantly connected to the Internet, wireless service for students, 1 canteen and 20 rooms allocated to the academic staff.
Technical Infrastructure
Computer and the Internet infrastructure in the Faculty has been designed to give 24-hour service to the academic and administrative staff through desktop and laptop computers in each room. Continuous access to the academic and scientific publications has been provided. Students have the same opportunity through the computer labs available during the education period. The Internet access in cafes and private businesses around the Faculty has been extensively used by students. Our Faculty has 2 computer labs.
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