Information Package / Course Catalogue
Programme Outcomes
1.To be able to develop solutions by knowing the principles that can be used in the application of a problem in the field of sports management
2.To be able to understand the interdisciplinary structure of sports management.
3.To comprehend the knowledge, skills and values related to the management of sports industry as well as general business areas at a high level
4.To be able to identify and explain the internal and external factors that shape and affect sports both in our country and in the world.
5.To be able to comprehend and interpret the technical tactics and managerial skills of the chosen sport branch.
6.Developing the ability to create, implement and evaluate project and program plans.
7.Developing financial strategies for sports organizations, evaluating budgets, income sources and expenditures.
8.To comprehend how ethical behavior affects the financial, marketing and managerial decision-making process of sports organization.
9.To be able to work independently in the process of solving problems, using initiative, developing creativity skills and being able to work in a team.
10.To understand and use qualitative and quantitative analysis effectively.
11.Producing, interpreting and analyzing written texts, verbal messages and multi-media presentations effectively and communicating ideas effectively and creatively.
12.To provide social, cultural and intellectual development.
13.To be able to communicate with national and international sports managers in the field of sports management, to prepare and implement projects with individuals and institutions
14.To be able to examine the public institutions and organizations organizing and conducting national and international sports organizations in terms of structure, task and process dimensions and writing comprehensive reports
15.In line with the disciplines of marketing, economy and tourism; analyze, interpret and develop concepts and practices in the fields of sports marketing, sports tourism, economic dimensions of sports, public relations and sponsorship in sports
Adnan Menderes University - Information Package / Course Catalogue