Information Package / Course Catalogue
Programme Outcomes
1.To be able to explain the knowledge about veterinary surgery in the expertise level.
2.2. To be able to comprehend veterinary surgery theoretically and practically.
3.3. To be able to use the information gained in the field, create solutions to problems that require expertise.
4.4. To be able to pursue the profession by being aware of the powers and responsibilities
5.5. To be able to have a relationship with other experts about problems outside of their area, as a member of the team contributes to the solution.
6.6. To be able to activate methods of production and use of scientific knowledge.
7.7. To be able to comprehend the master's degree information, identify public and animal health problem provides solutions and organizes events.
8.To be able to collect all sorts of data (field observations,produced scientific knowledge) in the field and evaluate for the purpose.
9.9. To be able to develop and use strategies about his field.
10.10. To be able to comprehend the needs of the country and the knowledge gained through the level of expertise of the region implements and take up the defense
11.11.To be able to identify and make rules to protect environmental health applications.
12.12. To be able to conceptualise events and facts related to the field of scientific techniques and methods that examine the comments on the results, problems, or method of analysis for the fictions, according to data obtained from the solution and / or provides an alternative treatment.
13.13. To be able to follow and use all the information which is updated in the field of (scientific knowledge, legislation, etc.).
Adnan Menderes University - Information Package / Course Catalogue