Information Package / Course Catalogue
Programme Outcomes
1.To be able to train specialists who develops knowledge and skills based on the Bachelor’s Degree in Tourism field and who can evaluate the sector in the point of view interdisciplinary structure of tourism management.
2.To be able to analyze the socio-economic and the managerial problems both interactionaly and separately
3.To be able to produce knowledge about the studies, which have not been presented before towards the primary data sources.
4.To be able to convey recent developments in the field of tourism management to the stakeholders by using verbal, written and visual means systematically.
5.To be able to develop a solving method independently for a problem faced in tourism management, evaluate the outcomes of the problem and take roles in projects related to the field as a coordinator or a participant.
6.To be able to make strategic and implementation plans for particular issues in tourism administration and evaluate the outcomes of the plans and to determine the vision, goals and aims of the company.
7.To be able to evaluate knowledge and skills acquired in tourism management by having a sceptic standpoint and investigate the problems by implying analytical approaches with miscellaneous methods.
8.To be able to regenerate and develop constantly concerning the field participated in tourism businesses.
9.To be able to teach and inspect the scientific, social and ethical values at the degree of collecting, interpreting and announcing the data.
10.To be able to use at least one foreign language to follow the international tourism literature.
11.To be able to share the developments related to departments of tourism establishment.
12.To be able to learn about information technologies used in tourism enterprises and mastering in these technologies.
13.To be able to use the current data in the field of tourism management, develop the knowledge by using scientific methods with scientific, social and ethical responsibilities.
14.To be able to Implement the knowledge and the abilities at problem solving that absorbed in the field of tourism at interdisciplinary studies.
Adnan Menderes University - Information Package / Course Catalogue