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Academic Information
Education System
Science Education Master - Regular Education
Education System
Elementary Science Teaching Graduate Program consists of courses related to science teaching profession in two semesters. After that courses are taken the students start thesis study. Thesis study spans two semesters.
Terms of Exchange and Transition Programs
It is regulated by the educational directive and laws of Institue Natural Sciences by means of related items.
Qualification Awarded
Master of Science
Specific Admission Requirements
Graduate students applying for Elementary Science Education Program; Domestic co-valence of at least four years or adopted by the Council of Higher Education faculty or college abroad over 100 full marks must be graduates with a GPA of at least 60. Selection Exam for Academic Personnel and Graduate Studies Numerical Rating type must be received at least 55 points. Balances for undergraduate diplomas obtained abroad must be approved by the Council of Higher Education. In addition, applicants must also provide other terms and conditions contained in the announcement. Program evaluation and placement of candidates applying for graduate program, Selection Exam for Academic Personnel and Graduate Studies score of 50%, 25% of undergraduate diploma score of 25% is harvested by assessment and interview. The total score for the candidate to be successful in all three reviews must be at least 60 out of 100 notes. Interview assessment depending on the nature of the program written, oral, composition, aptitude test, the product composition in the form of one or more file review, and the like can be done. Students who have not will not be considered for an interview. Results are sorted from low scores on the high points. Note the case of equal evaluation of the interview notes are taken into account.
Specific Arrangements For Recognition Of Prior Learning
Students who graduated from another teacher training program, takes the essential courses of science teacher education graduate program.
Profile of The Programme
The program consists of compulsory and elective courses from. The aim of this program is to teach student access to scientific information, acquire the ability to evaluate and interpret information. There are, two associate proffessors, two assistant professors, totally four faculty members in the program.
Occupational Profiles of Graduates With Examples
Graduated students can work as academic staff at different universities.
Access to Further Studies
Providing the necessary conditions for the students accepted a PhD in Science Education may continue their education.
Examination Regulations, Assessment and Grading
Exams consist of midterm exam, final exam and summer school. Students must have participated at least 70% for theoretical courses and 80% for laboratory works. Full marks in exams is 100. Exams can be applied written, oral, practical and oral. Examination results at the latest within seven days from the date of examination, shall be notified by the institute. Passing grade is calculated by adding 40% of midterm exam and %60 of final exam. Of this total, both in order to be successful in a course and final exam grade for the semester and summer school, you must take to graduate at least 70 points.
Graduation Requirements
The student can complete the program with a thesis, at least 21, up to 30 credits for at least seven courses, one seminar course and thesis work and specialization field courses must be taken. Area of expertise for the seminar course and thesis work, credit is evaluated as successful or unsuccessful. Students completed successfully defending his thesis and graduated from the institute after being accepted by the thesis.
Work Placement
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