Information Package / Course Catalogue
Programme Outcomes
1.To be able to have an expert theoretical knowledge within the field of science educatıon.
2.To be able to transfer expert knowledge gained in science education into various instructional environment.
3.To be able to integrate science education knowledge with the other disciplines and product functional knowledge
4.To be able to use information and communication technologies efficiently in conceptual learning
5.To be able to find scientific solutions to the problems in the field of science education
6.To be able to evaluate the knowledge critically in the field
7.To be able to participate in team projects in the science education field
8.To be able to adopt lifelong learning strategies to his/her studies
9.To be able to use at least one foreign language efficently in oral and verbal communication
10.To be able to share national and international data in the field of science education
11.To be able to comprehend and evaluate science-technology-society and environment interactions
12.To be able to comprehends science under the ethical values and take account of ethical considerations
13.To be able to use scientific information in the other domains that is gained in the masters field and have the transfer skills
14.To be able to follow the current development in the science education field
15.To be able to develop strategical plans and evaluate them in the context of quality processes
Adnan Menderes University - Information Package / Course Catalogue