Information Package / Course Catalogue
Programme Outcomes
1.To be able to integrate fundamental accounting and auditing knowledge with related branches of the law.
2.To be able to use technical and practical knowledge regarding the eatblishment and development of cost systems in practice.
3.To be able to consider ethic values and social responsibility in the decisions in business life.
4.Be able to take initiative and solve problems using analytic and creative approaches and manage risks in the changing business conditions.
5.To be able to associate the subtle movements in the securities and organized financial markets with human psychology and analyze the realtionship.
6.Be able to improve the system in which he/she is engaged by integrating the theoretical knowledge with practive (be able to understand and interpret the problems of the profession and express ideas in a succint and precise manner.)
7.To be able to analyze and interpret developments in the derivative products, foreign exchange markets and finacial markets and perform transactions using derivative products.
8.To be able to use mathemetical and statistical knowledge in order to employ fundamental finance principles in the decision making process. Be able to use econometric models in accounting and finance and testing them using actual data in the finance markets.
9.To be able to recognize the international financial management tools , international financial markets, and intermediary organizations and entities and make use of this knowledge in the financial management of a firm .
10.To be able to evaluate the cause and effect relations of the local and global crisis and be able to make decisions based on knowledge in the conditions of crisis.
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