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Academic Information
Education System
Tourism Management Master's Without Thesis - Second Shift Education
Education System
Program of (masters without thesis) Tourism Management is comprised of total at least 10 courses (at least 90 ECTS credits and 30 national credits), and Term Project. Course of Term Project is non- credit and is evaluated as "successful" and "unsuccessful". Completion period of the Postgraduate Program (masters with thesis) of Tourism Management is two academic terms at least and three academic terms at most except for Scientific Preparation Period.
Terms of Exchange and Transition Programs
Only if the students of masters without thesis program succeed the terms of masters with thesis program( YDS -Foreign Language Exam, Academic Personnel and Postgraduate Education Entrance Exam –ALES etc.), they canex change the program . Transfer and exchange between similar programs from other universities need approval of department’s academic committee.
Qualification Awarded
Master (Non-thesis)
Specific Admission Requirements
In order to apply for the Post Graduate Program of Tourism Management, Applicants have to be graduated from faculties or high schools of universities giving four-year education in Turkey or equal faculties or high schools of universities abroad whose equivalence is accepted by Turkish Council of Higher Education.
Specific Arrangements For Recognition Of Prior Learning
The equivalance of the courses succeded by students in the prior master programs and which semester they should start are determined after proposal of Department of Tourism Management and decision of Board of Institute Management. In the Lateral Transfer, all the courses taken have to be succeeded and at least 70 grade point average.
Profile of The Programme
Master without thesis Program consist of 2 semester’s time after bachelor’s degree. All courses are in Turkish.
Occupational Profiles of Graduates With Examples
Graduates could be employed in different tourism establishment and departments of tourism such as hotels, marinas, airlines, restaurants, thermal tourism centers, travel agencies, tour operators, convention centers, airlines and charter business, maritime organizations, Ministry of Tourism, local organization involving tourism.
Access to Further Studies
It is not possible to attend in any doctorate programs.
Examination Regulations, Assessment and Grading
Students have two exams (midterm exam-final exam) during each semesters. Total point of 40% of midterm exam and 60% of finbal exam must be at least 70 to be successful. Exams could be done oral and/or written, applied ormixed way. Students are informed about the evaluation of the exams at the beginning of semester. Table shows assessment of evaluation in double and four point grading systems. Grading Table Hundred Point System Double Letter Four Points System Evaluation 90-100 AA 4.00 Excellent 85-89 BA 3.50 Excellent 75-84 BB 3.00 Good 70-74 CB 2.50 Fair 0-69 CC 2.00 Fail
Graduation Requirements
To graduate from the Program of (masters without thesis) Tourism Management, it is necessary to complete total at least 10 courses (at least 90 ECTS credits and 30 national credits), and Term Project.
Work Placement
There is no obligatory internship in the program.
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