Information Package / Course Catalogue
Molecular Cell Biology II
Course Code: TIB503
Course Type: Required
Couse Group: Second Cycle (Master's Degree)
Education Language: Turkish
Work Placement: N/A
Theory: 3
Prt.: 0
Credit: 3
Lab: 0
Objectives of the Course

Basic molecular cellular bioiogy education

Course Content

YokNucleic acids, structure of DNA and RNA, DNA synthesis in prokaryotes and ve eukaryotes, transfer of genetic information in bacteris, gene and genomik organization, transcription and the mechanisims of transcriptional control in prokaryotes and eukaryotes, protein synthesis, and posttranslational modifications.

Name of Lecturer(s)
Assoc. Prof. Gizem DÖNMEZ YALÇIN
Learning Outcomes
1.1. Explain the basic learning areas
2.2. Learning basic cellular functions in molecular level
3.3. Learning molecular biology concepts
Recommended or Required Reading
1.Molecular Cell Biology – Harvey Lodish, Arnold Berk, Chris A. Keiser, Monty Krieger, Anthony Bretscher, Hidde Ploegh, Angelika Amon, Mathew P. Scott - W. H. Freeman; Seventh Edition edition (May 2, 2012)
Weekly Detailed Course Contents
Week 1 - Theoretical
Nucleic Acids
Week 2 - Theoretical
DNA and RNA structure
Week 3 - Theoretical
Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic DNA synthesis
Week 4 - Theoretical
Transfer of genetic information in prokaryotes
Week 5 - Theoretical
Genes and genomic organisation
Week 6 - Theoretical
Genes and genomic organisation
Week 7 - Theoretical
Transcription in prokaryotes
Week 8 - Intermediate Exam
Midterm exam
Week 9 - Theoretical
Transcription in eukaryotes
Week 10 - Theoretical
Transcritpion control mechanisms
Week 11 - Theoretical
Protein synthesis
Week 12 - Theoretical
Mutation and mutagenesis
Week 13 - Theoretical
DNA repair
Week 14 - Theoretical
DNA repair malfunctions
Week 14 - Final Exam
Final Exam
Assessment Methods and Criteria
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