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Education System
Biology Master - Regular Education
Education System
Biology masters degree program consist of six semester programme.
Terms of Exchange and Transition Programs
Exchange and transfer between programs are subject to Adnan Menderes University, Institute of Science, Education and Examination Directive.
Qualification Awarded
The Master's Degree in Biology is awarded to the graduates who have successfully fulfilled all programme requirements.
Specific Admission Requirements
The applicants who hold a Bachelor's Degree and willing to enroll in the Master's programme should have sufficient score (at least 55 out of 100) from the Academic Staff and Graduate Study Education Exam (ALES) conducted by Student Selection and Placement Center (OSYM) or other scores equivalent to ALES score of 55. Applicants should also have related documents written in announcement. The applicants should provide following documents due to last application date: Bachelor's Degree diploma, transcript, score document from ALES/TUS or equivalent exams. The assessment for admission to masters programs is based on : 50% of ALES or TUS, 20% of academic success in the undergraduate programmeand 30% of interview grade. The candidates having an assessed score of 60 at least are accepted into the Master's programme.
Specific Arrangements For Recognition Of Prior Learning
The rules for recognition of formal prior learning are well defined. A student who is currently enrolled in a Master's Degree programme in the same discipline at another institution and has successfully completed at least one semester, upon submitting all required documents before the deadline, may transfer to the Master's Programme at Adnan Menderes University upon the recommendation of the department administration and with the approval of the Administrative Committee of the Graduate School. The decision taken will also include eligibility for exemption from some course requirements of the graduate program.
Profile of The Programme
The aim of the master degree programme with thesis is to develop the scientific research ability in biology and its sub-disciplines, to increase scientific knowledge, to reach, evaluate and interpret scientific knowledge for the students.
Occupational Profiles of Graduates With Examples
Graduates of masters degree in biology may apply to the following main fields of work or employment; Research, in a university, research institutes, research and development departments in private and public sector, industry such as pharmaceutical, food, and brewing, laboratory based jobs as scientists and technicians. A biology degree provides an ideal basis for entering the teaching profession. On the other hand, at the upper end of the academic spectrum, there are positions in Universities as lecturers.
Access to Further Studies
Graduates who successfully completed the Master's Degree may apply to doctorate (third cycle) programmes in the same or in related disciplines.
Examination Regulations, Assessment and Grading
Education programmes are based on semesters. Examinations consist of mid-terms, final exams and summer term final exams. Students are obliged to attend at least 70% to theoretical courses and at least 80% to practical courses in order to take final exams. Full grade is 100 points. Examinations may be written, oral, written-practical and oral-practical. Final grade is calculated as addition of 40% of mid-term exam and 60% of final exam or summer term final exam. Student should get at least 70 points from final exams and from final grade in order to pass that course.
Graduation Requirements
Graduation requirements are explained in the section “Qualification Requirements and Regulations”
Work Placement
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