Information Package / Course Catalogue
Programme Outcomes
1.To have enough scientific background knowledge towards a specific study and research area
2.To have an ability to identify, evaluate and develop a solution for a problem on biological aspects
3.To be able to evaluate scientific observations and results of experiments using statistical analysis methods
4.To have basic skills in areas related to field of biological studies
5.To have the ability to develop cooperation with different disciplines with the high level of social communication required for studies
6.To have knowledge of technology and use of methods and means used in biological researches
7.To have an ethical understanding which will be a guide for their investigations and publications
8.For MSc; to have European Language Portfolio B2 general level language skill
9.To be able to present and discuss own research results in accordance with scientific discipline using technological tools in scientific research environments
10.To be able to detect and evaluate economic and social impacts of an own original research results
Adnan Menderes University - Information Package / Course Catalogue