Information Package / Course Catalogue
Programme Outcomes
1.The student should conceive the concepts in physics and may apply them on her/his own
2.The student should be able to conceive the relationship between the different physics laws and integrity of them and apply them in solving different physics problems
3.The student should know the basic principles of classical, quantum and relativistic physics and use them in the solutions of problems
4.The student should be able to do research in a specific area of physics
5.The student should be able to prepare reports on papers on the subject of her/his research and present her/his research subject in scientific conferences
6.The student should be able to explain the relationship between complicated problems and basic physics laws.
7.The student should be able to use computers for solving complicated physics problems
8.The student should be able to interrelate between the theory and the experiment. If she/he is experimentalist he/she has to explain the theory behind her/his work. If she /he is a theorist she/he should has to know the experiments in her/his subject.
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