Information Package / Course Catalogue
General Information
Unit Managers
Prof. Deniz ÇOBAN
Head of Division
Aegean Region, is in first place in Turkey in terms of aquaculture, processing as well as hunting. Aydın province is among the top three in our country in terms of the potential of aquatic products. The program was devoted to consider on the advantages of the location of Aydın and it is aimed that the graduates of the program can conduct their studies with private sector. The engineers who grow in this area examine the life of animals and plants that live in seas, lakes and rivers, and plan to produce and market them in the most economical manner, and take measures to protect the nutritional value of the products.
Master Program in Fisheries Engineering was started accepting students in 2016–2017 education year. In the program, many research projects have been/are beeing conducted with the participation of different fields together with national and international universities or institutes.
To train contemporary , modern , scientific, ethical, aware of recent innovations, leading to the production of knowledge and technology in aquaculture, researching in regional, national and international level and to and to provide information to relevant stakeholders.
Nationally and internationally performing, continuous self-renewal students with a quality education, and provides effective communication and collaboration with stakeholders, establishing models with product information.
The aim of the Master Program in Fisheries Engineering is to provide qualified and timely training for students to acquire knowledge and skills in the areas of aquaculture, fisheries and management of natural living water resources and to develop existing skills.
Physical Infrastructure
Adnan Menderes University Faculty of Agriculture is located at 20 km south of Aydın, with an area of 2400 square meters. The land was transferred to the university by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs on 01/21/1994. 17 blocks covering an area of 52,000 m2 residential area. Parts of the main buildings (offices, faculty members, laboratories and classrooms): 5000 m2; Laboratories (28 pcs): 4000 m2
Technical Infrastructure
Computer labs, Entomology Laboratory, Plant Pathology Laboratory, Herbology lab, Bacteriology Laboratory, Mycology Laboratory, Feeds and Animal Nutrition Laboratory, Biometry-Genetics Laboratory, Animal Breeding Laboratory, Agricultural Machinery Laboratory, Soil Laboratory, Garden crops laboratory, laboratory of Agronomy, Agricultural Structures and Irrigation laboratory, Fisheries Engineering Student application laboratory, Aquarium Unit; Workshops: 1000 m2; Biotechnology Central Laboratory: 2000 m2, Central laboratory 1000 m2 that have instruments and equipment of all kinds of analysis. There are two Fisheries Engineering department laboratories with a total 110 m2 in size. The one is wet lab which contains aquarium equipment and the other is established for analyses and has 30 students capacity.
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