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General Information
Unit Managers
Prof. Bekir Hakan KÖKSAL
Head of Division
Lec. Onur TATLI
Departmental Coordinator
It is certain that reformation of education and being reached to contemporary level is very crucial. In this sense, in accordance with the requirements of the knowledge era undergraduate study cannot meet the requirements mostly. In a competition environment, rapid knowledge generation and rapidly-developing technology cause alteration. Besides, ever-increasing health, environment and nutrition problems make necessary conscious consumption and production and statutory audits. For this reason, each passing day scientific studies, qualified staff are in great request and in a sense postgraduate education is also compulsory. Such education process gains not only the ability being specialised in a field, researching independently, examining the results with a scientific point of view. Department of animal nutrition and nutritional diseases is a discipline that tries to improving new knowledge and techniques about animal nutrition and nutritional diseases. This department cooperates with various disciplines including zootechnics, biochemistry, physiology, microbiology, food hygiene, pathology and clinic. Yields gotten from animals are related with their morphogenetic potential and environmental factors. Within environmental factors, animal nutrition has a very important role. Core knowledge about Livestocks’ nutrition and nutritional diseases has a very crucial role in practicing the veterinary successfully. Also, the Notion of preventive medicine is adopted as an essential principle for livestock raising. Nutrition and nutritional disesases subjects are crucial in the process of undergraduate and gradutae for applying preventive medicine to intensive stock farming. Because animal nutrition guarantee not only efficiency but also resistance to diseases. In departments for which experimental and laboratorial researches are crucial such as Department of animal nutrition and nutritional diseases having sufficient lecturers, laboratorial opportunities and animal materials is obligatory. Adnan Menderes University Faculty of Veterinary has the biggest and the most modern veterinary hospital of Turkey. Besides this, it has a laboratory in which analyses of all departments can be cunducted. Faculty of Veterinary department of animal nutrition and nutritional diseases and docimasy unit have all equipment required by postgraduate education. Day by day at the departmant of animal nutrition and nutritional diseases number of routine analysis is increasing. At this department feed analyses undertaken in other laboratories can also be performed successfully. It is seen that the department is qualified enough with its lecturers, physical location and equipment for undergraduate education. At this department post graduate education started in 1998 and doctorate in 2004.
Adnan Menderes University - Information Package / Course Catalogue