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Academic Information
Education System
Mathematics Doctorate - Regular Education
Education System
The program consists of 8 courses with a minimum of 24 local credits (at least 90 ECTS) which delivered within the graduate program of the department and in related fields, two seminar courses (20 ECTS) and thesis. To pass any course, students must receive at least 70 out of 100. The seminar course and thesis are non-credit and graded on a pass/fail basis. Students must take and pass the doctoral proficiency examination within six months after the course stage. Next, students must register for thesis work and the Lecture on Specialization Field offered by his supervisor every semester following the semester, in which the supervisor is appointed. A student who has completed work on the thesis within the time period, must write a thesis, using the data collected, according to the specifications of the Graduate School Thesis Writing Guide. The thesis must be defended in front of a jury. The duration of the program is four semesters. The maximum period to complete course work in a doctorate program with thesis is 8 semesters with MSc degree and 10 semester without MSc degree. Ph.D. degree is awarded to students who successfully completed all course works without failing grades.
Terms of Exchange and Transition Programs
The rules of Graduate Education and Examination Regulations of Adnan Menderes University and the Eligibility Conditions and Rules of the Institute of Natural Sciences are applied.
Qualification Awarded
The Ph.D. Degree in Mathematics is awarded to the graduates who have successfully completed all courses in the curriculum.
Specific Admission Requirements
The conditions explained in the (4),(5), (8) and (9)rd article of 6th clause in Graduate Education and Examination Regulations of Adnan Menderes University must be fulfilled.
Specific Arrangements For Recognition Of Prior Learning
Some courses may be exempted by 15th clause of Graduate Education and Examination Regulations of Adnan Menderes University and the Eligibility Conditions and Rules of the Institute of Natural Sciences . If the course content is consulted and approved by the institute board of directors, then students will be exempted from the courses.
Profile of The Programme
The purpose of program is to train individuals who have the theoretical and practical knowledge of mathematics, have ability to solve problems based on mathematical methods, and have ability to carry out a project independently. For this aim, 4 years training program is given in the department. The education language is Turkish. The program consists of some compulsory and elective courses which spread over a wide research area covering Analysis and Function Theory, Topology, Algebra, Geometry, Applied Mathematics and Computer Science.
Occupational Profiles of Graduates With Examples
The graduates can work as a teacher of mathematics study centers, or can continue their education at the graduate level as working as a lecturer at the universities. In addition, mathematicians are needed in research areas requiring computing and statistics within some corporation as DİE, MTE, TEK, DSİ.
Access to Further Studies
Students may apply to post doctorate programs in related science and mathematics field.
Examination Regulations, Assessment and Grading
The measurement and evaluation method for each course is determined by the Regulation of Adnan Menderes University and the eligibility conditions and rules of Institute of Natural Sciences.
Graduation Requirements
It is enough to satisfy the eligibility conditions and rules described in the “Qualification Requirements and Regulations” section.
Work Placement
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