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Programme Outcomes
1.To be able to develop the current and advanced knowledge of mathematics domain to expertise level by an original idea or research, based on the level of its knowledge at the graduate level, and to be able to reach original definitions that will bring innovation to Mathematics.
2.To be able to comprehend the interdisciplinary interaction associated with Mathematics.
3.To be able to use and evaluate the new knowledge in the field of Mathematics with a systematic approach.
4.To be able to develop an idea, a method, a design or an application that will bring innovation to Mathematics, to use well known ideas, methods, designs or applications on a different research area, or to search, comprehend, design, adapt and apply an original subject matter.
5.To be able to criticize, analyze, synthesize and evaluate new and complex ideas.
6.To be able have high-level skills in research methods related to studies on Mathematics.
7.To be able to expand the frontiers knowledge in the field of Mathematics via generating or interpreting an original study, or publishing at least a scientific paper in national/international refereed journals.
8.To be capable of leadership in the positions that require the analyses of problems related to the field of Mathematics.
9.To be able to defend his/her original ideas among the experts in the discussion of math related issues, and to be able to communicate effectively to show his/her competence in the field of Mathematics.
10.To be able to contribute to the solution of the social, scientific, cultural and ethical problems related to the Mathematics, and to be able to support the development of social, scientific, cultural and ethical values.
11.To be able to have both oral and written communication using a foreign language.
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