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General Information
Unit Managers
Ins. Engin YARALI
Department Head
In the program, Associate Degree students begin to practice with the courses such as Laboratory Techniques, Hygiene and Sanitation, Microbiology, Food Microbiology, General Chemistry besides compulsory courses such as English, Turkish Language and Atatürk Principles and Revolution History in the first year. They concentrate on their future courses (Meat and Products Analysis, Grain and Products Analysis, Milk and Products Analysis, Fruit-Vegetable and Products Analysis, Analysis of Honey and Sugar Products) in the second year. At the end of the second year, the students who successfully pass the courses will graduate from the Program as Technical Personnel.
Food Quality Control and Analysis Program started training and teaching in 2016/2017 Education and Training year, in the Department of Food Processing of Çine Vocational School
The main objecvives of the program train quality technicians who control conformity of food products and food contacts materials according to raw in the factory. Also they control the processes that start with the sampling process and that have been checked for conformity with the desired characteristics of that part.
Thee educate the professionan staff who to live the national culture and values, aimed at serving the country, nation and humanity family, based on universal science and education in the food industry, learn of the medical laboratory, operating-hardware systems, technology and materials, have a professional ethics, cann produce solutions and have teamwork and sense of responsibility.
Food Quality Control and Analysis Program; is a 2-year higher education program aimed at helping managers in the quality control and production departments of the production unit in small, medium and large-scale enterprises that process food raw materials and to cultivate intermediate human power to achieve this purpose.
Physical Infrastructure
36 students capacity class (1), 38 students capacity class (1), 40students capacity class (1), 42students capacity class (1), 48students capacity class (1), 50 students capacity class (1), 120 students capacity class (1), computer room (1), apiculture unit (1), meat and meat products unit (1), cereal unit 81), small ruminant production unit (1), fruit-vegetable and olive production unit (1), olive garden (1), general laboratoris (2), student cafeteria (1)
Technical Infrastructure
An amphibian in the campus especially facilitates activities such as seminars, trainings, panels and conferences. The number of laboratories and the rate of utilization are high. The Campus is closer to the enterprises supporting the Çine Municipality Bottling Facility, Ege Et Yem San., Çine Yem, Uysal Food that programs benefiting from application possibilities especially for the Livestock, Meat Industry and Food Technology programs.
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