Information Package / Course Catalogue
General Information
Unit Managers
Assoc. Prof. Tuncay Ercan SEPETCİOĞLU
Department Head
Ins. Aslı ÇAYAN
Vice Head of Department
Ins. Perihan SARI
Vice Head of Department
Ins. Saniye Seda SEVİM
Vice Head of Department
Adnan Menderes University School of Health Services Nazilli has begun to serve in Aydın district 2010 - 2011 academic year . Vocational School 40 miles east of the province of Aydin Nazilli town of 104,000 inhabitants and its economy is based on agriculture. Within the boundaries of District High School, formerly known as Nazilli Sümerbank Plant Pathology on the highway is the new name in the Sumerian campus. Our school attached to the Department of Health Care Services Aged Care (formal and secondary education) and Patient Care at Home (formal and secondary education) consists of the program.
Additional quota of the Board of Higher Education to admit students in the academic year 2010-2011 the General Assembly dated 26.08.2010 examined various 7/d-2 No. 2547 and No. 2880/7 of Law No. 4 of 3843 h agents Elderly Care Program opened in accordance with Article. Higher Education Council of the 2013-2014 academic year, the additional placement students be examining the 09.12.2013 dated General Assembly in 2547 of Law No. 2880 Law No. changed 7 / d-2 and 7 / h of the 3843 Law No. 4 may maintain in accordance with the Patient Care at Home Program was launched.
Present and future needs of the health sector in the field of health, knowledge, skills, and have the equipment, working in harmony within the team, people, and respect the rights of patients, to the principles of Atatürk, to protect and defend the values ??of our country to educate health care technicians.
Training of health technicians, production and use of knowledge and skills in the health care industry preferred the quality of education and training, and sustaining national and international level, acting as a pioneer in the field of education, training and research institution.
Mobility of the population and changes in the world and in our country, the young population decreases, caused an increase in the elderly population, but also the structure of our country into the traditional structure of family, social service deficit has led to one of the care of the elderly. Yaşlıyla application size in this area, as well as other professional staff to carry out one to one service and intermediate staff that can handle the size of elderly health and social services are required.
Physical Infrastructure
High-school service building, on the highway, formerly known as Merlin Nazilli Sümerbank Factory is a new name in the Sumerian campus. Education classrooms are used for the purpose of co-existing in the area of ??campus.
Technical Infrastructure
Our campus is a dining room, a student lounge area is 450 m2. Academic and administrative staff, including offices all computers connected to the Internet. School classrooms heating heating (fuel oil) are provided. There is a laboratory where the model equipped with the latest technology to do the practical courses. When the configuration process is continuing and campus Kampusumuzda studies used a multi-purpose hall with a capacity of 350 people, reading and recreation rooms for the staff and students of a local capacity in the computer lab gelecektir 50 available.
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