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General Information
Unit Managers
Assoc. Prof. Onur YILMAZ
Department Head
Ins. Burcu KESER
Vice Head of Department
Vice Head of Department
Ins. Fulya KAYA APAK
Vice Head of Department
Unit Coordinators
Placement (Internship) Coordinator
In Laboratory Technology Program students will learn general laboratory methods in education period and will be able to apply these methods after 2 years of education. They will mainly receive theoretical instruction at the beginning of their education. Students will have the knowledge they will need professionally with basic courses such as General Chemistry, Microbiology, Biochemistry and Laboratory Techniques. They will have professional experience with their internships from the first year. As an internship place, they can go to our university research centers and ARGE laboratories in different sectors, as well as from the analysis laboratories of private and public institutions and organizations. Practical lessons will be given in the second semester. Laboratory Technology Program’s students will have an internship of 30 working days within the training period. They will graduate from the program with the title of "Laboratory Technician" by completing the whole of the professional practices and internships in the program. The laboratory technicians carry out tests and analyzes according to the techniques in laboratory and science branches under the supervision of experts.
Adnan Menderes University, Koçarlı Vocational Scholl has been established by the statute of the 7/d-2 and 7/h items of the law no 2547 which changed with the law no 2880 at Higher Education General assembly in 10.03.2006, and by the law no of 2006/01 in which “Establishing of Koçarlı Vocational Scholl in Aydın, Koçarlı” with University Senate in 18.01.2006. Laboratory Technology Program in Chemistry and Chemical Process Department which was proposed and established in 2016 was permitted for student recruitment in 2017.
The person who constantly renews himself, aims at lifelong learning, can think analytically, be aware of his own abilities and be able to use them in his professional life by developing them. train technicians and technical staff.
Always open to innovation and development, can meet the needs of the business world with analytical thinking, with the knowledge gained and universal values ??and international standards, the qualification of the relevant sectors in the qualifications sought, by educating the qualified staff, the most preferred among schools that provide education in the same field, growing constantly developing, is to be a department which has a respectable reputation in the field and satisfies its stakeholders with the power it has acquired within the university.
In our country and Aydın province, the educating of qualified personnel to be employed in agricultural and analysis laboratories of public and private institutions is the aim of "Laboratory Technology" program. In this program, it is aimed to introduce tools and devices to be used in analysis and to gain the skill of working in the laboratory and to teach agricultural laboratory techniques to students. This program aimed to train intermediate staff that can be set the method about soil, water, plant, fodder analyzes and method about plant protection technical, can be do applied analysis and evaluate these analyzes results, have to ability to follow new systems and technological methods, to design new products, to manufacture and quality control, to be able to work in job preparation, design, laboratory and production units including quality assurance.
Physical Infrastructure
Education are carried out at B block at the Koçarlı Vocational School. Koçarlı Vocational School contain 7 classrooms, 1 computer laboratory, 1 microscope laboratory, 1 chemistry laboratory and 15 offices. The student canteen and refectory and staff refectory in South Campus are using with Faculty of Agriculture. There is an application area of 2.500 m2 of the High School with 10.000 m2 open area. In the application area, there are two poultry areas with a size of 60 m2 and another area of 250 m2, a nethouse with an area of 50 m2, two nylon greenhouses with an area of 50 m2 and a polycarbon greenhouse with a closed area of 100 m2. In addition, there is a sports field with a 500 m2 area including basketball, volleyball and tennis courts for sporting events.
Technical Infrastructure
There are 64 pcs computer, 10 computer case with projection-linked, 3 notebook, 17 video projectors, 1 overhead projector , 1 slide machine, 1 photocopy machine, 1 fax, 1 photo machine, 1 camera, 12 printers, 3 scanners, 21 microscope, 1 dvd device, 1 plotter, 1 digital graphic tablet. The Faculty of Agriculture has a rich library of books and journal to serve our students. ADU HABER is a monthly periodical journal which is open to the students. There are 2 electronic journals memberships. Laboratory Instruments: Oven, Incubator, Muffle furnance, Pure water appliance, Precision scale, Vortex mixer, etc.
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