Information Package / Course Catalogue
General Information
Unit Managers
Prof. Cumali ÖKSÜZ
Department Head
Unit Coordinators
Bologna (ECTS/DS) Coordinator
Mevlana Coordinator
The program is to provide training equipment and qualified pre-school children to educate teachers and educators. In 2006, two research assistants and two expert participated in staff, research assistants sent to Selcuk University Faculty of Vocational Education under Article the Department of Child Development and Education, currently there are three Associate Professors, two Assistant Professor and four lecturer.
The Preschool Education First Cycle began teaching and training in 2005-2006 academic year with a faculty member and two teaching assistants. Preschool Education Master's Program opened in 2007 when the Institute of Social Sciences graduate program opened.
• In accordance with legislation of Turkish National Education System; be able to quality function in preschool education institutions, has basic knowledge, skills and attitudes, train teachers following with the principles of Atatürk , packed principles of Republican, secular, modern and democratic feature. • provide the educational program; current, recognized between nationally and internationally Early Childhood Education Teacher Education Programs and to prepare for a successful career is for students. • Train graduates; based on the principle of continuity of development, learning to learn throughout their lives, allow them to make their jobs effectively, exploring social, economic, scientific and technological developments, serving public and private educational institutions for preschool and non-governmental organizations and in cooperation with them. • To has self-motivated for training himself/herself, request fro transfer the acquired knowledge to future generations. • To train teachers looking for the best, responsive to the needs of the family and society, in an effort to work together, can identify problems and reaching the goals. • To increase the quality of early childhood with developed programs, to train teachers study national and internationally about child and family, developing programs for train succesfully teachers. About early chilhood; preparation of appropriate educational program for children, to provide information to families, use extensive research and development opportunities, provide professional leadership abilities active.
• To maximize the reputation of the Department of Early Childhood Education.on national and international levels. • To be in a position accepted and preferred national and international level in the field. • In the process of harmonization with the European Union; to participate Pre-School education dissemination and development projects in our country needs actively and knowledge and equipment to support scientific research. • Required by a modern and democratic society, able to freely express their thoughts and feelings, basic life skills can be transferred to everyday life, that can creative, investigative, enterprising, self-control, valuing diversity and respecting human rights, eager to learn, healthy mental and physical aspects.
Accepted in current, national and international Pre-School Education Programmes and provide education to prepare students for to a successful career.
Physical Infrastructure
20 classroom 1 drama room 1 computer laboratory 5 specially equipped classrooms 1 Field Practice Kindergarden
Technical Infrastructure
50 computer for students computer and projection in all classrooms 767 field specific books in library
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