Information Package / Course Catalogue
General Information
Unit Managers
Prof. Halil Güner SEFEROĞLU
Department Head
Prof. Engin ERTAN
Vice Head of Department
Lec. Mustafa ÇELİK
Vice Head of Department
Unit Coordinators
Prof. Zeynel DALKILIÇ
Bologna (ECTS/DS) Coordinator
Prof. Zeynel DALKILIÇ
Erasmus Coordinator
Prof. Zeynel DALKILIÇ
Farabi Coordinator
Lec. Mustafa ÇELİK
Mevlana Coordinator
Lec. Mustafa ÇELİK
Placement (Internship) Coordinator
The Department of Horticulture is educating candidate agricultural engineers in a four-year bachelor of science programme under open field and protected cultivation, breeding, and postharvest disciplines. There are mandatory basic courses belonging to agricultural sciences in the first two years of education. Topics, especially related to horticultural crops, are situated in the third and fourth years of education. Theoretical and practical, such as field and laboratory, works are included in the programme structure. However, besides these, some elective courses situated in semesters can allow to students to focus on different crops and topics which the students are interested in.
The Faculty of Agriculture of Adnan Menderes University was established on 27.06.1987 within Dokuz Eylul University. The Faculty of Agriculture was connected to Adnan Menderes University on 11.07.1992. The Department of Horticulture has been continuing its education since the beginning of the Faculty of Agriculture in 1993-1994 academic year.
The mission of the programme under education is to conduct basic research and education responsible to environment, obeying sustainability rules in agriculture reaching knowledge in production and growing issues and giving Agricultural Engineer-graduates who can synthesize the acquired knowledge in horticulture basic field. The misson of that under scientific reseach area is to conduct basic research in collaboration with the partners in the field giving priority to regional problems and new findings which contribute to development.
The vision of the programme is to become a internationally well-known department exhibits sensitive approaches responsible to global problems, to educate candidate technical personnel in national and international agricultural sector, and to be known with its research in horticulture basic field.
The aim of the department is to educate agricultural engineers who have an ability of basic and practical ability applied to agricultural sector and to be able to use methods of following of technological advancement
Physical Infrastructure
Nine office rooms, two physiology laboratories, and one tissue culture laboratory under the responsibility of the Department offerred to be used by academic personnel at the Faculty of Agriculture, Adnan Menderes University. Besides there are three different production ares including a fruit collection orchard, and grapevine and vegetable growing fields. This application area is 25.000 m2. In additon to this, different production areas, such as fruit crop propagation, mist-propagation, ornamental crops growing, and vegetable crops growing greenhouses built and covered by polyethylene materials occupy 2.000 m2 area.
Technical Infrastructure
There are a team of eight personnel including three professors, one associate professors, and four assistant professors.
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