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Education System
Dairy Technology - Regular Education
Education System
Dairy Technology Department raises technical staff at engineer level for the milk industry of our country, having sufficient technical knowledge about increasing milk production, preservation of milk and dairy products quality, establishment and organization of milk facilities, evaluation of sub products of milk. The Department offers education and training at the undergraduate level and has 4 faculty members and 1 research assistant.
Terms of Exchange and Transition Programs
Vertical, horizontal and inter-university transfers are made according to “Regulation for principles of transfer between programs at associate degree, bachelor’s degree, double major, sub branch and credit transfer between institutions” The application principles in this subject are arranged according to regulation published in official gazette dated 24.04.2010 with no 27561.
Qualification Awarded
The graduates who complete the program by fulfilling all requirements earn the Agriculture Engineering – Dairy Technology Bachelor’s Degree.
Specific Admission Requirements
Student admission to the program is explained in more detail under the heading of "Admissions" in the section of "About Adnan Menderes University".
Specific Arrangements For Recognition Of Prior Learning
In Turkish Higher Education institutions horizontal, vertical and sub branch passages are performed according to the regulation of High Education Board. Within this scope, credit transfers related with previous education and exemptions are possible. Besides, the recognition of certificate and profession dependent non-formal education is still at start up level. Exemption exams are arranged in the beginning of terms for lessons such as computer and foreign language that are present in the education plans of the programs. Students who are considered to be sufficient for these lessons have the right to enter the exams. The students who are successful from the exam become exempted from the related lessons.
Profile of The Programme
First 2 years of the 4 year long program consist of basic compulsory lessons of agriculture science and last 2 years consist of field lessons mainly. There are theoretical and applied lessons related with delivering milk to consumer in healthy and hygienic conditions and processing of milk to other dairy products (cheese, yoghurt, butter) and other lateral dairy products are present as well as elective courses in order to direct students to fields of their interest and other product.
Occupational Profiles of Graduates With Examples
1. Facilities producing milk and diary 2. Institutions related with food, agriculture and breeding ministry 3. Under secretariat of foreign trade – employment in import and export 4. Chambers of commerce – professional committees 5. Chamber of industry - professional committees 6. Union of exporters – professional committees 7. Regional stock exchanges and union of stock exchanges - in Labs 8. Sanitation institutes – in Labs 9. Municipalities 10. Accredited private labs established in big cities 11. In private institutions providing ISO and HACCP documents education and certificates 12. Turkish Standards Institute 13. National Productivity Center 14. Facilities producing packaging and additives 15. Super and hyper markets
Access to Further Studies
Candidates completing the university education with success can have post graduate education in their own fields or related fields in case they have sufficient grade from ALES exam and have sufficient level of English language.
Examination Regulations, Assessment and Grading
Exams and measurement and assessment stages are performed according to the conditions determined by lecturers of each lesson. For lessons having application credit, application exam is made and becoming successful from application exam is necessary for entering the end of the term exam. Exams are made as intermediate and end of the term exams within the term. The lecturer of the lesson can make additional applications during the term such as homework, project, presentation and quizzes that can effect the average grades of the student within the term. The assessment is made by taking 40% of the intermediate exams and 60% of the final exam. If the total of these grades are at least 60 over 100, the student is considered to be successful from the related lesson.
Graduation Requirements
Graduation requirements, as described in the section of "Qualification Requirements and Regulations".
Work Placement
45 business days at the end of the semester of 6
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