Information Package / Course Catalogue
Programme Outcomes
1.Having sufficient infrastructure in basic sciences and engineering subjects and ability to use the theoretical and applied info instantly in this field.
2.Determining the modern techniques, tools and information technologies required for applications related with his field and ability to use them efficiently
3.Ability for planning, projecting, and designing, following up, analyzing and finding target-driven solutions related with his field
4.Ability to have professional ethic and awareness.
5.Ability to work, decide, express opinions orally and in written individually
6.Ability to participate team studies, taking responsibility, making leadership.
7.Ability to conceive Ataturk’s principles and reforms, to communicate in Turkish and foreign language.
8.Ability to comprehend the necessity to learn for a life time, to monitor developments in science and technology and continuously renew himself.
9.Having sufficient level of information about production and quality control of milk and dairy products and also product development, increasing product quality and food security fields.
10.Ability to detect, define, solve problems related with his field and to select and apply suitable methods and modeling techniques for this purpose.
11.To be conscious about workplace applications, worker health, work security and environment subjects, to have knowledge about legal results of the engineering applications related with his subject.
Adnan Menderes University - Information Package / Course Catalogue