Information Package / Course Catalogue
General Information
Unit Coordinators
Prof. Sakine BOYRAZ
Bologna (ECTS/DS) Coordinator
Prof. Sevgi ÖZSOY
Farabi Coordinator
Lec. Hosseın Asgar POUR
Mevlana Coordinator
Placement (Internship) Coordinator
Nursing Section of School of Health started education in the academic year of 1997-1998. Nursing section have 453 graduates so far. Nursing Section has departments as Principals of Nursing, İnternal Medicine Nursing, Surgical Nursing, Gynechology and Obstetric Nursing, Pediatric Nursing, Mental Health and Psychiatric Nursing an Public Health Nursing. These departments had founded in 2003. 15 faculty, 4 lecturer and 2 research Assistant have been working in Nursing section. Graduates could be hired by instutitritions which belong to Ministry of health and other Ministries or Private Sector, Schools, Nursing homes, Industrial health centers as aclinical nurse, nurs educator, nurse researcher or nurse manager. In nursing section postgraduate education program started with the Depatrment of Gynechology and Obstetric Nursing in 2005. Mental Health and Psychiatric Nursingin 2010 and Departments of Internal Medicine Nursing, Surgical Nursing started postgradute education in 2011. Departments of Principles of Nursing and Pediatric Nursing were established colaborated with the pamukkale University School of health. Postgraduate education programs have been continuing their education actively.
Our School of Health established by the prothocol between Ministry of Health and Council of Higer Education in 1992 and Decision of the council of the Ministers dated 10th October 1996 and no.96/8655. Departments of the Sections (Nursing and Midwifery) established in 2003. School of Health started its academic life with the enrollment of 30nursing students in the academic year of 1997-1998. In the year of 1997, School of health, which started education with four lecturers, today, has 15 faculty, 4 lecturer and 2 research Assistant . At present, 295 students have been enrolled in the Nursing Section
To educate and graduate individuals in terms of universal standards and along scientific researches to protect, improve and maintain health of individuals, families and public, to provide and produce scientific knowledge through multidisciplinary service and technology for the benefit of public and train individuals to be an effective educator, service provider, researcher, manager and leader in their professional roles.
To be an preferable, recognizable and competent educational division with undergraduate and postgraduate programmes and research projects in nursing nationally and internationally and to be a leading educational and research division in professional decision-making and policies.
Through the educate nursing students as qualified, prosessionnal, modern and humanistic nurses, with the known and prefered members of profession of nursing , to give to the society a quality nursing care and to contribute the health promotion of the society and rofession of the nursing.
Physical Infrastructure
Aydın School of Health Sciences is located in a four floor building having a 3500 m2 enclosed area. There are 1 amphie, 9 classrooms, 1 canteen, 1 cafeteria, 1 dining room, 29 offices, 4 service rooms.
Technical Infrastructure
Student Affairs System (OBİS), Academic Information System (AKBİS), Financial Budget System(e-budget), Chattel Registration and Tracking System (AYNİ-PRO), Registration Automation System are in use at the school. There are 63 desktop and 33 laptop computers, 9 projectors, 3 slide show machines, 9 overhead projectors, 1 barcode reader, 1 printing machine, 3 photocopies, 1 fax machine, 1 camera, 2 televisions, 27 printers, 2 scanners, 1 DVD, 2 LCD monitors, 9 presentation remote controls. School library is open and served by part-time working students. There are 8 computers with wireless internet access in the school library. Students are able to use the library of university and reach to the libraries at other universities. There are 5 computers available for postgraduate students and visiting lecturers from other school or faculties in the teaching staff room.
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