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Academic Information
Education System
Food and Beverage Management - Regular Education
Food and Beverage Management - Second Shift Education
Education System
Students of the Department of Food and Beverage Management, after primarily having a compulsory Preparatory School course and then a Four Year Degree Course Programme, will be able to work in the Sector of Food and Beverage Management. Starting in the first year, by attending one of the four optional Second Foreign Languages such as German,French,Japanese and Russian,the students will have an advanced level of these languages. Besides,in the frame of EU Educational Programmes, they are provided with the opportunity to get a vocational education in the concept of Erasmus Programme by exchanging academicians and students inter countries in corporation with our school. During their training,apart from the packet programme used in Food and Beverage Management,our students get the chance of making use of certain opportunities for putting into practise their knowledge that they have accumulated by theorical studies within the period of their 75 day apprehenticeship.
Terms of Exchange and Transition Programs
Interchange programs is permitted in the direction of decisions which the university senate takes.
Qualification Awarded
The students who have completed the program successfully are entitled for a bachelor’s degree
Specific Admission Requirements
For registration and acceptation, Adnan Menderes University Tourism and Hotel management Department,education - tuition and examination guideline’s concerned clauses are applied.
Profile of The Programme
The main objective of the department is to train qualified staff to work in the middle and upper level administrative units who speak a foreign language,are equipped with the knowledge of fundamental administration,have a good command of the body of Food and Beverage Sector and administration,have knowledge and skills required for administrating these sectors,are capable of finding out the problems and their reasons and bringing solutions.
Occupational Profiles of Graduates With Examples
Alumni are employed by food and beverage establishments.
Access to Further Studies
The student who has been graduated from Food and Beverage Management program, can have education at postgraduate programs if he/she fulfils the necessary requirements for master’s or doctorate degree
Examination Regulations, Assessment and Grading
At one mid-term, there are 3 exams-one mid-term exam,one final and one make-up exam. %40 of the mid-term and %60 of the final/make-up exam is used for the calculation of the success grade.The student ,who gets 60 or more out of 100, is accepted successful.
Graduation Requirements
In order to graduate, the students should fulfil the provisions of the concerned articles ,clauses of Adnan Menderes University Tourism Hotel Management department education-tuition and examination guideline
Work Placement
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