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General Information
Unit Managers
Prof. Hamdi AVCI
Head of Division
Prof. Hamdi AVCI
Departmental Coordinator
Unit Coordinators
Prof. Hamdi AVCI
Bologna (ECTS/DS) Coordinator
The function of the Pathology Department is to diagnose the diseases and to find out the reasons of the death examining death animals, internal organs of these death animals, aborted fetuses, tumor biopsy materials and other materials macroscopically and microscopically, received from the owner or the Clinical Departments of Faculty of Veterinary Medicine. Shortly, Pathology Department is a department trying to help the diagnosis and the treatment of the diseases, contributing to animal owners, clinical sciences and national raising livestock. Routine Pathology Laboratory and in case needed immunohistochemical examinations are used in the diagnosis of the diseases of domestic mammalian, poultry, exotic fish and laboratory animals.
The lectures given in this discipline were studied in both public and military veterinary schools in the lectures of internal diseases and histology. In the military school, first M. Nuri Ural, an internal disease lecturer, gave pathology lectures, then A. Şevki Akçay gave these lectures with histology between 1913-1921. In public veterinary schools this lecture was given by O. Nuri Eralp between 1908-1911, then Armenak gave pathology lectures between 1911-1921. When High Agricultural Institute established in 1933, the Pathological Anatomy Institute started to its mission on 1th December1933. In 1952, Pathological Anatomy Institute divided into two Departments; Department of Pathological Anatomy and Department of General and Practice Pathology. Ord. Prof. Dr. Şevki AKÇAY was assigned to the head of Pathological Anatomy Department and Prof. Dr. Enver SENGİL was assigned to the head of General and Practical Anatomy Department. Then Associate Professor Dr. A. Mahir PAMUKÇU, Asistant H. Kerim URMAN and A. Mehmet ALİBAŞOĞLU took academic post in Pathological Anatomy Department and Asistant Satı BARAN took academic post in General and Practical Pathology Departmet. At 1982 these two departments were united under the name of Department of Pathology according to the arrangements done because of 2547 numbered Further Learning Law and Prof. Dr. H. Kerim URMAN was assigned as the Head of the Department. Adnan Menderes University, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Department of Pathology started its mission in 1992. Assistant Proffessor Serap Birincioğlu was assigned as head of Department in 1996 and Prof. Dr. Nursal Metin has taken over the Directorship of Pathology Department at 1998-2013. Proffesor Nihat Toplu started this official work 2013.
Physical Infrastructure
Necropsy hall, Cooler storage, Dressing room, Kit room, , Tissue trim laboratory, Tissue processing laboratory, Histochemistry laboratory, Diagnostic laboratory, Immunohistochemistry laboratory, Molecular laboratuary, Seminar room, Library, Offices.
Technical Infrastructure
Cooler storage, Crematorium, Weighing machine, Sterilizator, Autotechnicon, Microtome, Cryotome, Refrigerators, Deepfreezers, Computers, Research microscope (with attachment), Real Time PCR, Working cabines, Precision scale, Centrifuges, Vortex, Incubators
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