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Education System
Human Resource Management Master - Regular Education
Education System
Human Resources Management Master's program with thesis has been activated in 2017-2018 education year. The Master's program in Human Resource Management aims to train human resources managers who can apply and apply scientific approaches in the field of humanities, to gather and analyze scientific data about problems in the field of human resources and to develop solution proposals.
Terms of Exchange and Transition Programs
Students who are enrolled in other undergraduate programs in the respective institute or who are enrolled in Master programs or undergraduate programs affiliated to higher education institutions outside the University and who have successfully completed at least one semester can be admitted to the undergraduate programs of the University by way of transfer. Undergraduate transitions; The proposal of the head of the department or the department of the master art is determined by the decision of the institute management board. For the undergraduate transfer student; the relevant program has passed the student admission requirements and the courses that the student has continued in the program have been completed and the average grade of success in these courses must be at least 70 for the master's degree and 75 or at least 75 for the doctorate. The adaptation of the program in which the student is accepted is decided by the administrative board of the institute by taking the opinion of the chairman of the department of master or master of arts.
Qualification Awarded
Graduates who successfully complete the program are awarded a master's degree in the field of Human Resources Management.
Specific Admission Requirements
Candidates for admission to the graduate program; a) Must graduate from a foreign faculty or higher education institution that is at least four years in Turkey or equivalent to the Higher Education Council. b) verbal or social studies for social sciences at least 55 points in the same weighted point type or an equal score from the same equivalent test. c) The equivalence of undergraduate diplomas from abroad must be approved by the Higher Education Council. In addition, candidates must also provide other conditions in the province.
Specific Arrangements For Recognition Of Prior Learning
1. To take the courses that the learner has attended from the graduate programs that he / she has already attended and accordingly the time reduction conditions and how these courses should be credited and in which semester; The proposal of Master of Fine Arts or Master of Fine Arts is determined by the decision of the institute management board. The sum of the credits of the undergraduate courses that a student has accomplished with two years and which he / she has already accomplished before and can not exceed the amount of the total amount of the credits required by the graduate program stated in this Regulation. 2. The credits taken for the duration of any graduate program and considered as valid for this program are not counted in doctorate or art proficiency program. 3. The registration of graduate students who are trained in universities overseas for a certain period of time within the framework of the principles covered by bilateral agreements and international relations, the grades they have achieved and the grades they have received from applications from the learning credits of the students; agreements and principles with these countries is assessed by the Board of Directors of the main school and by the decisions of the relevant Institute. Apart from this, students of graduate students; Provisions within the scope of bilateral agreements and principles shall be applied to the issues of renewal of each semester, the period of stay abroad, enrollment at graduate education, tuition registration, semester consultant reports, student certificate, transcripts, health problems of outgoing students and similar issues. Similarly, transactions of students who come to the University with bilateral agreements or international relations from abroad are carried out by the provisions of this agreement and the principles of international relations and the decisions of the relevant boards.
Profile of The Programme
The program is focused on raising individuals who will work in the field of human resources. Information on graduate level in human resources management is conveyed to the students.
Occupational Profiles of Graduates With Examples
Departmental graduates are employed in areas such as planning, selection, placement, training, valuation, performance appraisal, personal affairs in human resources departments of businesses.
Access to Further Studies
Graduates of Human Resources Management Master's programs can apply to doctorate programs if they want to continue their graduate studies.
Examination Regulations, Assessment and Grading
There are two exams, one midterm exam and one final exam at the end of the semester. The weight of the midterm exam on the success grade is 40% and the weight of the final exam is 60%.
Graduation Requirements
Students are entitled to graduate at least 70% of the courses in order to be successful in the exams and to be successful in thesis preparation and presentation.
Work Placement
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