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Food Engineering Doctorate - Regular Education
Education System
The Department of Food Engineering is a higher education program that conducts research on the evaluation of food raw materials, the protection of food sources in terms of quality and quantity, the multi-faceted use of raw materials, and thus the increase of healthy food varieties. Food Engineering Department doctorate program students receive doctorate education with expert lecturers in these departments. The student takes the courses they have determined with their advisor and completes the doctora thesis on any topic in the field of food engineering. The language of education is Turkish.
Terms of Exchange and Transition Programs
Since the departments within the Faculty of Engineering are still in the process of structuring, no exchange between programs can be made.
Qualification Awarded
Students who successfully complete the program receive the "Doctor" degree by having a "Doctoral Diploma in Food Engineering".
Specific Admission Requirements
To be admitted to the program of Master of Science with thesis in food engineering department, candidates must have Bachelor of Science degree in food engineering or Bachelor of Science degree in a field that the academic commission approves. Other requirements are stated in Adnan Menderes University Postgraduate Education Regulations (
Specific Arrangements For Recognition Of Prior Learning
To be admitted to the department of food engineering, candidates must be graduated from a Bachelor's program in Turkey or its foreign equivalent and also must meet the criteria of transfer to the department, stated in Adnan Menderes University Postgraduate Education Regulations.
Profile of The Programme
In the departments, there are branches of Food Microbiology, Food Chemistry, Basic Operations of Food Engineering, Dairy Technology, Meat Technology, Grain Technology, Fruit-Vegetable Technology, Oil Technology and Biotechnology. Doctoral programs are carried out independently in each of these disciplines. The aim of the doctoral program is to provide the student with the ability to conduct independent research, to interpret scientific events with a broad and deep perspective, and to determine the necessary steps to reach new syntheses. The thesis to be prepared at the end of the doctoral study must fulfill one of the qualities of bringing innovation to science, developing a new scientific method and applying a known method to a new field.
Occupational Profiles of Graduates With Examples
Ph.D. graduates continue their academic studies and can also work in the public or private sector.
Access to Further Studies
Graduates who successfully complete the doctorate program can apply for an academic position in higher education institutions in the country or abroad, or for an expert position in research centers in public institutions in the same or similar fields.
Examination Regulations, Assessment and Grading
Exams, assessments and scoring are carried out in accordance with ADU Undergraduate Education and Exam Regulations.
Graduation Requirements
For graduation, the student must complete successfully all courses set out by the department of ADU Education and Exam Regulations and defense PhD dissertation.
Work Placement
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