Information Package / Course Catalogue

The Information Centre of Adnan Menderes University continues to provide services to ADU students and staff by following the latest technological developments.

The Information Centre, a two-storey building covering an area of 1700m2, contains over 48.000 printed books and 333 active periodical subscriptions. Also, there are 44 data bases on various issues which can be used by researchers off-campus. These data bases contain 19.604 electronic journals and 2.187.090 electronic books.

Our books and periodicals are available at all times and can be borrowed when required. There is a special Braille collection for visually impaired users and a system which allows users to follow recent publications with audio help.

Our information centre has been created with the aim of providing an area in which students can not only obtain knowledge but also to be a social area in which students can spend their free time.

There are 18 Application and Research Centres which operate in various fields at Adnan Menderes University and these aim to help the local community in an academic and scientific manner. These centres are;

  • Adnan Menderes Research and Application Centre
  • Europe Research Centre
  • Science and Technology Research and Application Centre
  • Botanic Garden and Herbarium Application and Research Centre
  • Modern Mediterranean Languages and Cultures Research and Application Centre
  • Farm Animals Breeding Research and Application Centre
  • Youth Problems Research and Application Centre
  • Development of Water Resources Research and Application Centre
  • Continuing Education Application and Research Centre (ADÜSEM)
  • Urban Health Development, Research and Application Centre
  • Medicine and Health Sciences Centre
  • Distance Education Application and Research Centre
  • University Industry Cooperation Application and Research Centre
  • History of Principles and Reforms of Atatürk Research and Application Centre
  • Geothermal Energy Application and Research Centre (ADÜTEM)
  • Women Issues Application and Research Centre
  • Romany Application and Research Centre
  • Agricultural Biotechnology and Food Safety Application and Research Centre
Adnan Menderes University - Information Package / Course Catalogue