Information Package / Course Catalogue
General Information
Unit Managers
Ins. Gültekin BAYSAL
Department Head
Vice Head of Department
Ins. Mehmet ATİK
Vice Head of Department
The purpose of the program is to meet the need for qualified staff in the increasingly 'call center' sector of employment. In today's changing environment, the spread of customer oriented service policies leads to the call center services sector. It is aimed to train a workforce equipped with the knowledge and skills that can meet the needs of the changing and developing business world, who is specialized in computer usage, has strong persuasiveness, high communication skills, effective speaking skills and diction.
The Call Services Center program was established within the framework of the Department of Office Services and Secretariat in the 2014-2015 academic year. Starting from 2017-2018 academic year, he began to take students and started his education life. The Department has Office Management and Executive Assistant and Call Center Services Programs.
We believe that good education is everyone's right. As Buharkent Vocational School, we spend our energy and energy with our knowledge and experience in order to place scientific, research and development, freedom of opinion and expression, and pluralistic and participatory democracy philosophy.
Being a preferred vocational college with experienced teaching staff and equipped laboratory sub-production. To educate individuals with high self-confidence by taking the priorities of the country into consideration and to present them to the service of humanity. Believing in the universality of knowledge, wherever you go to reach knowledge. To solve the needs of the region by integrating with the people. To see differences as wealth. To approach the events holistically without personalizing them.
The program aims to contribute to the development of the call center sector which is growing rapidly in Turkey, to expand the activities and domains have gained the necessary experience, persuasion strong communication skills high, it is to train qualified workforce. The Call Center Services Program has first and second programs. The largest employment areas of graduate students are mainly call centers because of the nature of the program. Students who graduate from this program can also work in public institutions and organizations
Physical Infrastructure
10 classrooms
Technical Infrastructure
1 Computer Laboratory. 1 Call Center Laboratory.
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