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General Information
Unit Coordinators
Prof. Ayşe Demet KARAMAN
Bologna (ECTS/DS) Coordinator
Assoc. Prof. Filiz YILDIZ AKGÜL
Bologna (ECTS/DS) Coordinator
Assoc. Prof. Filiz YILDIZ AKGÜL
Erasmus Coordinator
Assoc. Prof. Filiz YILDIZ AKGÜL
Placement (Internship) Coordinator
Dairy Technology Department raises technical staff at engineer level for the milk industry of our country, having sufficient technical knowledge about increasing milk production, preservation of milk and dairy products quality, establishment and organization of milk facilities, evaluation of sub products of milk.
Adnan Menderes University Agriculture Faculty was established in 27.06.1987 as a part of Dokuz Eylul University and became a part of Adnan Menderes University in 11.07.1992. Dairy Technology Department was combined with Food Science and Technology Department in 28.12.2011 and was named as Food Engineering Department. As Food Engineering Department became a part of Engineering Faculty, it stayed within the body of Agriculture Faculty.
In order to raise the milk industry of our country which is supported by international developments to modern level, realizing an application scoped education in dairy technology field and therefore to raise agricultural engineer who can adapt developing technologies and equipped with knowledge and skill.
Building a pilot facility within the campus supported by private sector and which will support the applied training of the students. To support Ankara and Ege University Agriculture Faculty Dairy Technology Department in our studies aiming to raise the variety and quality of milk and dairy and became a department which successfully fulfill our mission of developing milk sector in our country.
1. To raise technical staff having sufficient knowledge and technical equipment required by milk industry 2. To transfer the importance of milk for human health and development to students 3. To teach the processing of commercially produced raw milk with modern technologies 4. To transfer recent developments in milk industry to teachers 5. To speed up the configuration of milk technology department and strengthen the academic staff 6. To provide opportunity for post graduate education program in order to raise professionals for the department and sector 7. To keep continuous relationship with other institutes and having an extroversive structure in order to be recognized in national and international activities 8. To become an influencing department by scientific studies
Physical Infrastructure
Development of physical and technical infrastructure is underway.
Technical Infrastructure
Development of physical and technical infrastructure is underway.
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