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Aydın is a city where the cost of living is not too high. The average cost of living per month – including accommodation – is between 250 to 350 Euros. Students can hire flats with or without furniture, while there are numerous private and state dormitories. In addition, apartment buildings only for students are becoming more and more popular.

Here are some examples of basic goods in Turkey:

  • A Loaf of Bread: 30 cents
  • A Litre of Bottled Water: 50 cents
  • A Litre of Coke: 1 Euro
  • A Litre of Milk: 1 Euro
  • A Kilo of Fruit: 50 Cents to 2 Euros
  • A Modest Meal at a Restaurant: 5-10 Euros
  • A Menu at a Fast Food Restaurant: 5 Euros
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