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The principles for equivalency and credit transfer are as follows:

  • For students who have been registered at a higher education institute but have not completed their education or, having retaken the university entrance exam, have been placed by ÖSYM after graduating from an institute of higher education can apply to the relevant Dean/ Head of School within the first two weeks of the start of the academic calendar with a petition stating the list of courses that they wish to obtain equivalency for and also a document showing the credit levels and contents of these courses.
  • If a positive decision is given by the relevant department and the lecturer of the course(s) which the student wishes to obtain equivalency for, the relevant board may give equivalency. On equivalency being given to a course, the credit of the course in the department of which the course is to be counted is given.
  • The mark gained at the institute where the course was first taken will be used when equivalency is given. However, in order for equivalency to be granted, the student's mark must be at least 80.
  • Marks on the hundred point scale which are transferred from an institute of higher education will be used when given equivalency. Marks from a four point scale or any other evaluation scale will be transformed into the one hundred point scale using equivalency tables determined by the Senate of Adnan Menderes University.
  • In cases where a student obtains equivalency which accounts for over 70% of the total credit required to complete a semester, the student may be transferred to a higher academic year or semester on gaining acceptance from the relevant board and Head of Department.
  • For students who transfer to a higher semester, the academic year/ semester which the students have not attended is counted in their period of education.
  • For students who register by transferring from another degree programme (horizontal transfer), they are counted as exempt from courses taken in their previous degree programme which are given equivalency. Their marks from the previous programme are shown on their transcripts, however, they are not used in the calculation of their grade point averages.
  • For students who transfer from associate degree programmes to bachelor degree programmes (vertical transfer), their marks from their previous programme are shown on their transcripts, however, they are not used in the calculation of their grade point averages.
  • For students who have transferred from an associate degree course or an open university course to a different associate degree course, equivalency cannot be given in this case.
  • In order for equivalency to be given to courses taken at summer schools at a different higher education institute, the student must apply to their department with a petition and recieve approval from their head of department or other relevant person before the course is taken which is submitted to the relevant Dean or Head of School.
  • The decision to grant equivalency to students who have completed courses within a previously attended graduate programme rests with the relevant department of graduate school.
  • The credits obtained in anby graduate programme cannot be transferred to any other programme.
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