Information Package / Course Catalogue

The academic year at Adnan Menderes University starts every year on a date determined by the university Senate. An academic year consists of two semesters- Fall and Spring. Students who have gained the right to register at Adnan Menderes University need to prepare the necessary documents between the announced dates. All acceptance and registration procedures are carried out by the Directorate of Student Affairs. All students who have the right to register must apply in person to the registration office of the relevant department after depositing the required tuition fee between the announced dates.

Students who have completed their first year studies must re-register and choose their courses at the beginning of each semester between the relevant dates in accordance with the regulations of Adnan Menderes University. This is carried out on-line by the students by logging on to the Student Information System (

OBİS (Student Information System): OBİS is the on-line system for Student Affairs and is used by the Directorate of Student Affairs, faculties, schools, state conservatory and vocational schools. Students can carry out all their required procedures with this system after initial registration.

ENSBİS (Graduate Schools Information System): ENSBİS is the on-line system run by the Directorate of Student Affairs and the graduate schools which allows graduate and doctoral students to carry out all the required procedures on-line.

Adnan Menderes University - Information Package / Course Catalogue